The Scoop December 2015 - Page 17

Sure, I wouldn’t say that the photographs were as dramatic as life-changing. But what it does do is making you realize that what you see on the regular isn’t that normal afterall. We are the walking thesis paper of a Public Health major. To most of us, it’s common knowledge that there are countless people are sleeping on the streets, but there are some that remain blind to it all. The struggles of the “bad part of the neighborhood” is apparently just common sense to us but it remains only as a philosophical theory to some. Things that are so played-out in front of our eyes may be the furthest thing from someone else’s imagination. The pictures are still there and you can visit the pieces as you wish. To my knowledge, you shouldn’t be kicked out if you’re nice about least I hope that’s the case.





Photograph from YCC members

by Yonglin Chen

YCC Art Show at UCSF