The Real Estate Browser Volume 8, Issue 7 | Page 24 Volume 8 Number 7 – Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — 25 deep clean, while the patented VorMax jetted flushing technology powerfully scours the bowl to remove all splatter, skid marks and clinging waste. At the end of the soak period, the unit automat- ically siphons away the cleaner and rinses the bowl with clear water. Simply press a button, walk away, and let the toilet do the rest - it’s that easy. * Smarter showers - Sure, you can find high-tech, high-cost showers that keep shower doors spotless through nano- technology that repels dirt and water droplets. But having an easy-to-clean shower can actually be simpler and less expensive. It starts by choosing the right materials and design. For example, tra- ditional shower doors are notorious for building up mold, mildew and grime in door tracks. Frameless shower doors can eliminate that problem. If you hate mold in tile grout (and who doesn’t?) you have numerous options. Tile your shower with a dark tile and dark grout. Or, opt for tiles made with mildew-resistant coat- ings. For super-easy cleaning - not to mention leading edge design - you can even choose a concrete shower. * No-touch faucets - The bathroom faucet is the most touched area in a bath- room, which means it can also have the most germs. After all, everyone touches it right after using the toilet (you hope). Touchless bathroom sink faucets can help reduce the spread of bacteria and germs, since no one needs to touch them to turn them on. Plus, their hands-free operation ensures that the faucet stays free of fingerprints, soap scum and toothpaste splatters. A wave of the hand starts the faucet -- and you’re on your way to a tidier, maybe even immaculate, bathroom. Cleaner construction Of course, if you’ll be renovating a bathroom or building a new home, the best way to ensure a cleaner bathroom at the get-go is to start with construc- tion materials that promote cleanliness. Mildew resistant tiles and grout, mold- resistant paint, and solid surface counter- tops can all add up to less cleaning time down the road. One of the most important features to incorporate into a bathroom to help keep it fresher and healthier is an exhaust fan. This will not only remove unpleas- ant odors from the bathroom, it will also vent moisture out of the room from steamy showers and baths. Excess mois- ture in a bathroom is one of the leading causes of mold and mildew, which can be unsightly, smelly and unhealthy. Yes, you can achieve freedom from cleaning. By installing easy-to-clean bathroom fixtures and materials, you can invest less time, effort and energy keep- ing the room clean. Unexpected guests - drop in unannounced at any time!