The Real Estate Browser Volume 8, Issue 7 | Page 23

24 — Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — Volume 8 Number 7 T ips F or C reating a V irtually S elf -C leaning B athroom The pioneering ActiClean self- cleaning toilet from American Standard includes a user- activated, discreetly hidden integrated cleaning system, as well as a removable seat for thorough toilet maintenance. (BPT) - Americans may be spending less time on housework, but that’s prob- ably not much consolation when you’re scrubbing the toilet for the third time in a week. Meanwhile, hours spent working are taking more of our time, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey. Factor in other time demands like taking care of the kids, your in-laws, your spouse and yourself, and it’s easy to see why prod- ucts that improve cleanability are gaining ground in bathroom design. Fortunately, elbow grease and harsh chemical cleansers are no longer the only ways to keep a bathroom clean. Today, a variety of bathroom fixtures, devices and construction materials can all help con- tribute to a bathroom that cleans up with less effort from you and stays that way for lon- ger. Innovative fixtures and faucets Cleaning the toilet, tub and shower probably doesn’t top anyone’s list of favor- ite tasks. While it’s still necessary to do regular deep cleaning, when it comes to daily maintenance, a range of new bath- room additions can lend a hand. * Self-cleaning toilets - Even in the cleanest households, the toilet can be a hotbed for a variety of unpleasantness. The new ActiClean self-cleaning toilet from American Standard can make day- to-day cleaning of the bowl a much easier task. The press of a button releases clean- ing solution into the bowl for either a one-minute quick clean or a 10-minute