The Old Pocklingtonian Old Pocklingtonian 2017-18 - Page 34

STAFF ANNEXE for unrecognised cars pulling into the reception car park, no doubt eager to welcome them with a typical warm handshake. Of course, whenever this actually happened they left with nothing but glowing praise. Peter was excellent at his job. FAREWELL The school bids farewell to the following staff: Rosemary Anderton (05-18) – Psychology Martin Butcher (79-18) – Biology Evie Carless (14-18) – Prep John Cullen (02-18) – Mathematics David Dyson (88-18) – Chemistry Chris Fairburn (16-17) – Computing Anna Hallam (08-17) – English Peter Horne (82-18) – Chemistry Gary Kilsby (00-18) – Games and CCF Jan Kilsby (00-18) – Games and CCF Ed Long (10-18) – History Frankie Marsh (16-18) – Games Sue Pratt (02-18) – Chemistry Christopher Thornton-Holmes (13-18) – Voice NON-TEACHING: Lynne Baxter (17-18) Vicky Grainger (07-18) Peter Hartley (11-18) Claire Miles-Findlay (08-18) Leila Scrowston (13-18) Glenda Smith (04-17) Jez Stretch (14-18) Linda Underwood (98-18) Jenny Wilson (05-18) MARTIN BUTCHER (79-18) After 39 years, it is fair to say that Martin Butcher is somewhat of a Pock legend. Martin, aka ‘Butch’, has been a true ambassador for the biology department and has inspired countless pupils, many of whom now have their own children at the school, into following their dreams to university and careers around the world. Butch is one in a million and to say it has been an honour and a privilege to work with him is an understatement. His biology lessons, to the last, were incredibly engaging, entertaining and he made learning fun! The rare thing about Butch is he made it all look easy, when we all know it is quite the opposite. Butch would take the time to really get to know his pupils and would go the extra mile to support their needs. He was able to light a spark and gave so many pupils the confidence to believe in themselves when they might otherwise have crumbled under the pressure. Behind the scenes, Butch advised and supported many pupils in their university applications, giving much needed help, in particular to those applying for medicine, veterinary science and physiotherapy courses. He was always on hand to practise interviews and would be sure to throw an off the wall challenge into the mix just to make sure they were ready for the big day. Butch was Dolman Sixth Form Tutor, Non-resident Tutor in Fenwick-Smith boarding house, rugby coach, i/c golf and he ran the school ski trip for many years. His rugby career includes an undefeated record as 34 1st XV Head Coach (one match, one win) and his final year as 1st XV Team Manager. He has earned his retirement and although he will be sadly missed in the biology department and around the school, his wicked sense of humour, generous heart and dedication to Pocklington will not be forgotten. I am sure all Pock staff, students and OPs will join me in wishing Butch, Louise and their family all of the very best for the future. Hockey has always been a passion for Peter. He played for York Hockey Club outside of school and for 33 years was in charge of the first XI boy’s hockey team. He has consistently provided safe, knowledgeable, secure and experienced skills with his hockey training. He has also been hugely committed to umpiring school hockey matches. Whatever the weather, Peter took enormous pride in this aspect of his life. He is a superb hockey player with strength and stamina and has guided many players to success. His care to the students over the years has been hugely appreciated and we wish him every happiness in his retirement. (AWJH and JMcD) One final thought that we can all be certain of: his golf handicap will be plummeting with all these free Saturdays! (SJC) PETER HORNE (82-18) Peter Horne worked at Pocklington School for 36 years. He taught chemistry to all years including A-level and is an extremely knowledgeable chemist and scientist whose engagement with his subject has inspired many. Peter’s care for his pupils was legendary. He supported even the least able through GCSEs with compassion and willingness to use all his free time if necessary. Many students for whom chemistry could be quite challenging owe so much to him because of this willingness to help. He has also had a strong pastoral role within the school as Senior Housemaster for Dolman, a development from his early days as a House Tutor. 25 years ago he took over the role which would come to define him every summer: Exams Officer. In this position, he quickly became master of the blackboard and adept at rapidly calculating extra time. He organised endless exams, each with precision and dutiful care. One of the things Peter appeared to enjoy most about the job was anticipating the imminent arrival of ‘the Visitor from the board’ who would inspect his work. Each morning he could be found checking emails and watching out (L to R: Peter Horne with OP Stuart Rawlings, 75-80) (L to R: Guy Harland 07-12, John Cooper 06-12 and David Dyson) DAVID DYSON (88-18) Dr David Dyson arrived at Pocklington School in September 1988 as a teacher of chemistry. The flourishing career in pastoral work that came later began as he became Resident Tutor in the old Wilberforce boarding house (now part of Pocklington Prep School). In no time, David was Head of Fourth/Fifth Form through the 1990s. David has also contributed in many other areas of the school community. He has a love of sport, especially cricket. He ran the 2nd XI cricket team from 1990 to 2009. He organised the famous House Camp from 1990-2007 which is now known as the Lower School Summer Camp. David became Head of Lower School from Michaelmas 2001 to 2008, a role which suited him perfectly. Here, he won over pupils and parents alike with his caring and supportive approach; always ready to listen and always aiming to help. A move upwards to Assistant Head Pastoral and Child Protection Officer (now DSL), then from 2010 to 2015 Assistant Head Boarding and Pastoral meant a step away from a large body of pupils but a step closer to what really mattered for David: looking after welfare. During this time, David did an excellent and thorough job writing and developing all the Pocklington School Foundation welfare, child protection and safeguarding policies. Throughout his time at Pocklington, David has taught