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Book Reviews, E-book Reviews,Software Reviews, and Useful Links by Various Contributers



Classroom Connections

Resourceful Research

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Helping Young Children Recognize the Power and Potential of Content Area Text Images

Jennifer L. Altieri

Help children harness their interest in images in order to understand the information they encounter in science, social studies, and math with these helpful ideas.

Practical Evidence-Based Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

Mitzi Brammer

Explore evidence-based practices that address vocabulary acquisition and are appropriate for use with students who are English Language Learners.

Talk Moves for Student-Centered Conversations

Karen Loman, Nicole Nickens, Abbigail Frandsen

Use these talk moves to engage students in discussions by asking open-ended, higher-level thinking questions that create a dialogue with input from all students.

Enhancing the Listen-Read-Discuss Model

Rachel Turney Enhancing the Listen-Read-Discuss (L-R-D)

Model examines the work of four preservice teachers in a college-level course as they customize and present the Listen-Read-Discuss Model to their peers.

Themes That Stick

Maggie Beachner

See how identifying themes in texts brings relevance and meaning to content, which can motivate higher levels of student engagement.

The Process of Instructional Scaffolding: Practice Grounded in Research

WIlliam Kerns

This article focuses on teacher-student instructional moves aimed at helping the individual student to make gains in literacy skills.


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