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As President-Elect of the Missouri Literacy Association (MLA), I’m so proud of all the wonderful things happening in our state in the area of literacy. Read David Harrison’s article in this issue and be proud that we have such a strong tradition of promoting poetry. For the good work to continue we need you. We need you to support events around our state like the upcoming Write to Learn Conference. We need you to continue to be the dedicated teachers you are, helping our children.

However, you also need us. I have been in education for over four decades. These have to count as some of the most turbulent and stressful times I seen. Teachers- we need each other. We need to know that there are other folks out there that share our passion about literacy. You need an OASIS! You need a place to come to recharge and re-energize. The Missouri Literacy Association and your local councils can provide just that. It really helps to see there are many, many other folks who really do want to make a difference for the kids. I always leave our conferences and our local meetings with renewed friendships, newfound friends, and tons of practical ideas that help to make your teacher’s life just a little better.

SO PLEASE DO JOIN US! Here is the link to membership information for the Missouri Literacy Association. LINK TO JOIN

Here’s another thought. Do you know someone who is dedicated to literacy and has a passion for service? Maybe even you? We are currently looking for leaders to serve on the Missouri Literacy Association (MLA) Board of Directors. You can submit a nomination for yourself or a colleague until March 30, 2019 by contacting us at [email protected] Provide the name and a brief outline of the nominee's qualifications. The nominee must be a current ILA and MLA member.

Also know that we will have an opening for a co-editor for The Missouri Reader. Our journal is getting noticed! Well-known figures in the reading world are taking the time to talk to us and contribute articles. You could have a chance to be a part of that. Again, if you or someone you know thinks they would like to help keep the wonderful traditions of this reading journal going, contact us at [email protected] Again, provide the name and a brief outline of the nominee's qualifications. The nominee must be a current ILA and MLA member.

Hope to see you all at Write to Learn and taking part in the many activities our local councils provide.

Happy Reading and Writing,

Dr. Sam Bommarito

President-Elect of the MSC-ILA

Co-Editor of The Missouri Reader

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Dates to Remember

Write to Learn Conference

International Literacy Association Conference

Dates to Remember

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MO Write to Learn Conference

Feb. 28th - March 2, 2019

ILA Conference, New Orleans,

October 10–13, 2019

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