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Editor’s Expressions

Winter 2019


Over the years, David Harrison has been incredibly supportive of literacy in our state (and beyond) and especially generous with his time. When David approached us about doing an edition of The Missouri Reader focused around the topic of using poetry as a path to literacy, we were excited by the prospect and we immediately jumped on board. The article he has written on the importance of poetry for literacy development is the anchor piece of this issue of The Missouri Reader. In his article, David calls poetry a "game changer". We just want our readers to know that the "coach" responsible for getting the ball rolling on this game-changing project is David Harrison. We thank David and the others who have supported our efforts to give you ideas and information to help you give your best to your students.

Other major figures within the literacy world have also contributed powerful articles on the importance of poetry, rhyme, and rhythm as a path to literacy. Eric Litwin shares “How Songs and Poems Help Your Children Learn to Read,” and Mary Jo Fresch puts the delight of poetry into the content areas. Timothy Rasinski gives us “ Nine Reasons Why I like Poetry.” Read how Dr. Molly Ness’s ILA Literacy Brief on “The Power and Promise of Read-Alouds and Independent Reading,”and William Kerns and Betty Porter Walls “Literacy is a Family Affair” focus on reading aloud, especially poetry, for literacy development.

In addition to the special "Poetry, A Path to Literacy" section, you will find helpful research and ideas for your classroom. “Five Quick Write Strategies” will kick-start student’s writingand articles that support the individual strengths of your students are articles you do not want to miss.

Sam & Glenda

Happy Reading and Writing!

Dr. Sam Bommarito and Glenda Nugent

Dr Sam Bommarito Glenda Nugent

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Editors' Expressions


Editors' Expressions

Glenda Nugent