The Mirror, CAPD's Newsletter, June 2014 June, 2014 | Page 2

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Welcome to the reincarnation of The Mirror. Our journal is being revived for the 21st century as an online publication. Many of you will remember the print version which was maintained as a labour of love by our friend Steve Baylin, who has since retired from pediatric dentistry. The electronic version will be a change for many of you. But like all media in this age, progress and change are inevitable. Over the years I expect The Mirror to evolve with the needs of our membership. My tenure as president of CAPD will close at the Montreal meeting in September. The past two years have passed quickly, but I think that as an organization we are better poised for the future. For that I would like to thank all of you who serve on the Executive and on CAPD committees. Our organization has in fact become better organized, now with both a formal Ottawa head office overseen by Claire D'Amour, our Executive Secretary, and through CAPD’s formal incorporation as a not-for-profit with Industry Canada. Steve Gillick has been retained as our permanent Director of Operations at CAPD and has provided us with consistent and sustained effort to move CAPD forward with our strategic goals. By leaving the operational side of CAPD to professionals such as Steve and Claire, the CAPD Executive is able to concentrate on the Academy’s strategy and progress. I hope this builds CAPD's stature in Canada's health care circles, and allows us to project influence over public health policy and increase public awareness of pediatric dentistry. This greater organization does come at a cost and you will notice that membership dues have increased by $70 per year. Our joint CAPD / AAPD membership continues to provide Canada's pediatric dentists with great value and costs less than the AAPD membership alone. Many of you may not realize it, but CAPD has not increased membership dues for over a decade and this increase is due. The fee increase is designed to offset part of the increase in operating expenses; however, I want to stress that the majority of these operational increases will be covered by a greater emphasis on sponsorship of the Academy’s activities as well as advertising at the annual meetings and in The Mirror, and not by further increasing membership dues. The last two annual meetings were very successful and were very popular. So much so that some members were disappointed that they could not attend. You have my apologies. For the meeting in Montreal this September we have planned for extra capacity and the meeting promises to be our biggest yet. I hope that every member who wishes to attend will be accommodated, but I will still encourage you to register early despite the added capacity. I will end with an appeal to the growing ranks of those who are new to pediatric dentistry in Canada, and to those who have gained wisdom over the years and find themselves in a position to give back to our community. ]