The Michael J. Fox Foundation Annual Report 2019 + 2020 Milestones + Momentum | Page 10

The Michael J . Fox Foundation for Parkinson ’ s Research

Aligning Science Across Parkinson ’ s ( ASAP ): Positioning the Field for a Seismic Shift

2019 MARKED THE LAUNCH OF ASAP , a coordinated research initiative to advance targeted basic research for Parkinson ’ s disease . ASAP ' s mission is to accelerate the pace of discovery and inform the path to a cure for Parkinson ’ s disease through collaboration , researchenabling resources and data sharing . The initiative builds on the significant strides made by the research community , funders , other experts and strategists around the world .
ASAP ’ s investment in basic research is positioning the field for a seismic shift in understanding of Parkinson ’ s onset and progression . To date , ASAP has committed $ 321 million over eight years across five programs . MJFF ’ s research strategy complements the ASAP roadmap with continued funding across the development pipeline , orchestrating outputs from basic discovery through translational research , clinical trials and postmarket analysis .
Led by Nobel laureate Dr . Randy Schekman and Dr . Ekemini Riley , ASAP is working with The Michael J . Fox Foundation to implement its programs . ASAP has leveraged our grantmaking infrastructure to accept and review proposals and to issue grants to its Collaborative
Research Network , its Global Parkinson ’ s Genetics Program ( GP2 ), and its iPSC Neurodegenerative Disease Initiative . In addition , MJFF staff provides operational support such as coordinating and managing resource acquisitions and data sharing . ASAP has placed special emphasis on ensuring all data generated by its funded projects are accessible and usable .
Through our partnership , ASAP has signed on to other consortia that count MJFF as a partner . ASAP is now a member of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership Parkinson ’ s disease ( AMP PD ) program managed by FNIH ( the Foundation for the NIH ) and uniting government , industry and nonprofits to support biomarker and target discovery work . ( MJFF is a founding member .)
ASAP is partnering in our landmark study , the Parkinson ’ s Progression Markers Initiative ( PPMI ) ( see p . 7 ). ASAP support is allowing PPMI to significantly expand its enrollment — bringing together a larger and more diverse group of individuals to increase understanding around how Parkinson ' s develops and changes over time .

“ The scientific community ’ s recognition and trust of The Michael J . Fox Foundation as a research partner is an invaluable asset in scaffolding these programs and building toward our shared goals .”

— Randy Schekman , PhD , ASAP Scientific Director
ASAP is managed by the Coalition for Aligning Science . The initiative was incubated at the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy with support from the Sergey Brin Family Foundation .