The Michael J. Fox Foundation Annual Report 2019 + 2020 Milestones + Momentum | Page 11

2019 + 2020 Annual Report

Momentum in Therapeutic Development

When MJFF was founded , the Parkinson ’ s drug development pipeline was sparse , with few companies willing to invest in Parkinson ’ s research . Today , there is greater clinical activity than ever before . The pipeline of potential therapies continues to grow and diversify , with more than 200 potential treatments for Parkinson ’ s in clinical trials and more on the way .

Advancing Priority Drug Targets toward Practical Treatments

GENETICS RESEARCH HAS REVOLUTIONIZED understanding of Parkinson ’ s and led to completely reimagined approaches to slow , stop or even prevent the disease . A growing list of PD-implicated genes is shining light into what once felt like the “ black box ” of Parkinson ’ s pathology .
The most thoroughly profiled genetic targets to date — alpha-synuclein , LRRK2 and GBA — are the subjects of a growing roster of therapies in the pipeline working to correct or offset their dysfunction in PD . Today , the evidence is firmly established that in some people with PD , changes in these genes influence every aspect of the PD experience , from risk to diagnosis , rate of progression and symptom dominance ; more importantly , this work also teaches us about the biology of Parkinson ’ s even in people without genetic changes . And gaining traction toward human studies