The Maine Highlands Guidebook Maine Highlands Guidebook 2019-2021 | Page 9

Moose Watching MAINE HAS THE LARGEST POPULATION OF MOOSE IN THE CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES. You might catch a glimpse of a moose in any of the state’s wild areas, but some of the best places to see them are in The Maine Highlands. Especially at Moosehead Lake and in Baxter State Park, if you’re patient and lucky, you might catch a moose snacking on vegetation or pausing from a long drink, knee-deep in a pond. BIG TIME The moose is Maine’s largest mammal. Adult males can weigh 1,000 pounds or more, with an antler span of around six feet. IT’S OFFICIAL The moose is Maine’s official State Animal, and the moose has been on the state seal since the state was founded in 1820. MAJORITY RULES In and around Moosehead, moose outnumber people 3 to 1. BE ALERT AND DRIVE SAFELY Watch for moose in roadways, especially in areas that are marked as a moose crossing. Birding & Wildlife Watching In The Maine Highlands >  THE BANGOR CITY FOREST AND BOG BOARDWALK BANGOR & ORONO, ME The mile long boardwalk trail offers views of bog wildlife on the border of Bangor and Orono. The bog is home to hundreds of species of hardy yet fragile plants and some of Maine’s rarest bird species. The 4-5 miles of trails that run through the Bangor City Forest are great for jogs or for snowshoeing or cross country skiing. >  BORESTONE MOUNTAIN AUDUBON SANCTUARY MONSON, ME Located just southeast of Greenville and near the southern end of Maine’s “100-Mile Wilderness,” this Maine Audubon sanctuary offers beautiful ponds and a lake, set within a forest that has remained uncut for more than a century. A moderately strenuous, yet kid- friendly, climb culminates with spectacular views at the summit of Borestone Mountain. >  FIELDS POND AUDUBON CENTER HOLDEN, ME Located seven miles southeast of Bangor, Fields Pond features a modern visitor center, an 85-acre pond, and trails winding through 192 acres of field, wetland, forest, and lakeshore, where you’ll see many kinds of birds, including songbirds and waterfowl. >  HIRUNDO WILDLIFE REFUGE OLD TOWN, ME This 2,400 acre nature preserve spans several streams and a lake. Extensive peat lands, reverting farmland, and diverse forests offer seven miles of hiking trails and numerous waterways suitable for kayaking and canoeing, with many opportunities to view beaver, mink, and birds. Guided Tours A well-trained, registered Maine guide can outfit you for your adventure and help you track down a moose or other wildlife by water or by land. With a guide’s help and knowledge you can safely and comfortably access the best spots for wildlife-watching—or photographing—and enjoy the scenery along the way. Look for outfitters that specialize in moose watching tours, or “moose safaris” to maximize your chances of seeing one of these majestic creatures. >  DEBSCONEAG LAKES WILDERNESS AREA MILLINOCKET, ME Nestled in the shadow of Katahdin, the DLWC contains the highest concentration of pristine, remote ponds in New England, as well as thousands of acres of mature forests. Debsconeag means "carrying place," named by the native people for the portage sites where they carried their birch bark canoes around rapids and waterfalls. THE MAINE HIGHLANDS.COM | 9