The Light - An Alumni Publication Summer 2015 - Page 27

Harmony Many Chorale items have been donated to and are now archived with the Library of Michigan. To search the archives, go here. If you have stories, journals, pictures you would like to share, please contact John Favazzo directly at ALICIA POND: THE SUMMER OF ‘66 PROGRAM: YFU Chorale, Latin America, 1966 OCCUPATION: Retired, Non-profit Management HOME: Chicago, IL Alicia Pond - profile picture “It’s not as though the music-making and the Chorale did not leave wonderful impressions, but getting out of my comfort zone, opening myself to all that was new and different during those nine weeks, led to enduring friendships, heightened insights and new paths in life. It made me the person who has built homes in Tajikistan, performed election work in the Ukraine, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Russia; visited Bhutan, India, New Zealand, Botswana, Japan and more. There is no doubt much of what is “me” can be traced to the experiences from the summer of ’66.” Re-trace the steps of the 1966 YFU Chorale through Alicia’s words here. >> LISTEN TO THE 1966 YFU CHORALE HOMECOMING CONCERT HERE: “There is a Balm in Gilead” “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel” YFU • The Light | 27