The Landswoman September 1920

• Vol. Ill., No. 9 SEPTEMBER, 1920 • The Journaf of the Land Girl and Ev Editorial and _ _..:;;::;:.~=~::::::=:::_---~-- Advertisin~ Off" tees : p. ery C ountry woman nory Lod~e, Orpin~ton. Kent. • • Landswomcn Harvesters in Norfolk, where the sunbonnet is still worn. [Fa rm und llome.J SEPTEMBER. By W } OH~ IND and the robin 's note to-day H ave heard of au t umn a nd betrav • D RI XKW ATER, The green long reign of s um mer. The ru"t is fall ing on the leaves, September s tands beside the sheaves, The new, the h a ppy <'omer. \ow soon shall come the morning cro\\J~ Of starlings, :-oon the coloured douds F rorn oak and a 'h and willow, \nd soon the thorn and briar 5-h.11l be Rich in their crimson li\'en· l n -;carll't and in • \"C llow . r\ot c;ad my season of the r<'d And rusSt't orchards gaily s pread From Cholesbury to Cooming. Nor c;ad wh<'n twili t vallr\' tr(!(>S " Are "hips bccalmro on misty seas, · And b~tlc-c; go a-booming . Spring laughed and thrilll'd n million v.-in.:;, \ nd summer .:;hon('> above her rains To fill SP.ptcmbcr 's faring; St•pt<'mber talk.:; a<; kings who know The world 's way and su perbly go In robi'.S of wi<;<{om '.:; WP'lring. ~ . (Ol ton Pools. Stdg1.l•ich and Jacksou .)