The Landswoman March 1920

Vol. Ill., No. 3 The Journal of the Land Girl and Every C ountry Woman 0 Editonal and Advertising Offices: Stone Fseld, Kidbrook Grove, Blackheath, S.E. Pigs and Prejudice. • • [Farm LtJl'] The Champion Pig of the Sho". " p lG'::> i-. Pig,," but thl'n. an: pig..; and ptg-.. One vic;st to th<' lc.t-..t ::-,mithfield Show t.lUght me the ordinary tone( plson of what a pig ..,hould b<' i" gn•ath at f,\Ult l h.-rdore unles.;; you \Vould h.1' (' 'our id<>al~ -..h.tttl n d, don't ever go then•. I wt·nt, ·ami .tftN \\t·ig-hsng- tlw matter carefully I am not .tl .tll..,tll<' th though thev \\Ne (.Olltlt·mncd nwn in tlwu H 11 .... . tnd I wa-. glootin~ over tlw fall. 1 do wi-..h 1 wac; not ~o fond of haron. Hlad.;: pig::,. tht•J<' \\t rt''. and .whit~ , J>:(•tty hrown T•llll'oW<>rth with .... onw of thesr hatr JllC<'ly :\las<·dktl, and all\ .llllOlllll or pork<'r.:;. ' l o u<·...,t·tilw th•·Hl in .tdl a pink und~r ... hirt whk~ gavt> him a '' .mn glow to idcntif) a pt~ "hen tht>) saw ~me \ (~'• n'l.l) r•'llli'Jnl)( r th.ll " Ont -,.ud it w~•s a fat ptg, 'lhc other, he <;aid, ~ ay, 'l i" but a Lunnon .\ld<'rutan \\ hc-..e t laithl" th~·' • \·,· ta 't•n away,'' • \nd that j.., not u bad dt• . . rrjption of the whit• pig .... 1 ::. l \\ • Hut, t.llktng o{ pig:-;, reminds mt. of Erncst. I fir:-.t m<'t him la<:.t .;;umnwr when aWng \\ hitP or tht' ~Liddl('-\\ hil6. llwr<' wu~ no bhH~ blood in Ernc-.t, but th.Lt didn't \\Ort) huu much, though 1 ··an ulmo'>t fnrgh·•' " The \\' hit<' .... " bring -..niffy ahout him. Fvt•n man's hand "<'rnwJ ag.111hl I:r nt t, .uH.I 1 w h pt:.u:tit•nll) hi-, only frir>nd. During Ill\ ta\ tm thP farm lw \\'