The Landswoman February 1920

Vol. JIL, No. 2 FEBRUARY, 1920 The Journal of the Land Girl and Every Country Woman hdltorlat and Adv«:rtisini OffictSt Stone Fitld, Kidbrook Grovt', Blackhe.tth, SF. THE LAMBING SEASON • J. )[. W. TUR~"T.R . R .A. The l1'armer speaks : . ''Cruel days are com1ng, There's bad weather in the sky, ~o get some straw and thatch the pens. And make them wn.rm tmd dry. · .. Cruel days arc coming There are warnings in the ::.k~ · Of raw days and ble~n~ .days When little lambs die 'l'bc Land Uirl speaks : . " Hot your mind at re~t, Hn·; Lord love you; wh•t.t caro 1 .l!'or raw days and bleak days, And warnin~s in the sky? " The pens are thatcheci and bedded down, All cosy, warm and dry, And I'll swallow my boots, And go and cat roots, . , Ere ever a lamb shall du~. The Ewe speaks: . " Poor little slimy, sodden thmg, Don' t cry so bitterly; Just why you're hero 1 cannot tell But you belong to me • •· Lie clo"-C, lie do t•, my httle lamh, Your tiny body's numb.; Lie close, li«:~ cloge, my httl~. lamb, .\nd help will snrrly come. 'fhc Land Girl speaks : . .. Little fluffy, woolly thmg • C'ome underneath my arm, .\nd follow <•lof\e, you brave old C\\ <·, L do your htm no harm. ·n u " ['ve got a pen {rcoh bedded do\\ n All cosy, "urm and dry, .. ~ 0 trust in mr, you b~av~ 0 ~~~ C\\ c, your lit tlc lam u sho.n t die . The lfarmer speaks : . " Sunny clays a:o c~mmg. There is promu;c m the sky ; The little lambs nrc fa~ and -..trong And kick their heels h1gh. " Bra.vely done, you L~nd Girl, And lone; with me abtde ; And don't cat roots, Or swallow your boot~.. , J LAN CnL;\1 ER. }i~or never a lamb hq,s dted. •