The Landswoman February 1920 | Page 2

February, , 920 THE LANDSWOMAN The sunny South HL ~unn) ~outh is nut Bnght•lll IIM Bognorf as , dvcrht>cci by the L.B .... <:.R., but a row o T p~g·S!l~un • so built that they catch C\ cry p~~s•ble and here it is tha.t, every munnng at ~i~e or th~r~a.bouts, I am greeted ,..,ith a ~>how of head~ o.ncl an almost deafening chorus of. gruf~ts and squ<'als, gradually subsiding as one Jng a er anoth<>r i~ fed. · ·11 d F t and forcmo t there arc Pnscl a an Prud~ncc calhng for their b~cnkfast-h o perfectly. enormous pig-; "hich are bemg fatted for th~ hou:se Prue ha!=~ a great desire to see the world \\hich hes hcvond her sty, and sho seizes every opportun.tty to .. get pa~t :nu as you open the door, not drawmg thc line at doing her best to knock you do,\n, and when ) ou bringmg her t<'mpting pail that s~e share~ "it h Prise ill a for breakbst and tea she wtll even lf•avc Prbcy to cat her share ac; \\ell as her own in h<'r ca"ertle~s to try and shp . out. \' • h1ch 0 • show:, that greed is not a/lf'ay.~ a p1g s pnmary m~tinct. One<> out, "oe betide you ! lf you do want to gd done it's no nRe chasing hcr wildl~ roun•l the yntd. Whcn ~ected the muc:-k hcnp, ~miffed round the "heels of the \Hlnd of ~traw, nnd grunted nt each of thE> oth~r pigfl' door.:; ju"t to let them know Rhc i out once agam 111 S)Jllf tlf all your threats, then anci then onlv Bhc will wnddlo back with a sclf-com- • placcnt a1r and (·nut<·nt('d grun t to !'CC how much breakfast Priscy ha!! lcft her. Even if there were • Mwe, I am ~urt' that tbt• joy of exploring the yard and thc ckhghtful gron•lhng m the muck heap "ould fully compensate for half a pail of m1ddh ngs. But generally Priscy ha::~ not managed it all ! ' Th<'n tho~c i<> Ta.tJ, and thereby hangs a talc. • , • ' • \ wcrr t"Wo 'c rv s ma ll pi~e in one litter • ll b ' U.l\ ( 1 \\hen all the rest \H'rc ~o <. t cso two wero kept to <;('(' if special care and tlt-btts could n o t add a little more flesh to thrtr all t oo pr ommcnt bones. Tht farmer rcmarkt•d t hat th~y wcro ··. hesitating piga,'' ws of p r ot est, I think a nd laugh of the timo when I was afraid even of pigs ! After milking at nightb I generally go r ound t o say good -night to them. Just a few sleepy grunt!) of sweet content, the moo11lit South bathed in white lig ht, the wind still in the skeleton branches • of the trees, and every now a nd then the patter of a falling leaf- and I am off h ome to my tea. ' P.S. - Priscilla is to die on Tuesday, and if I co.n get any of hor sausages l will send you a sample of Sunny South pork ! T}l(' rc .M. R. .Mont'y can buy things. but it <'an' t buy health, happiness, kind n e t$ s • friends, or anything that is rea lly worth having ; and that is one rou.~on why the rich a re so miser· able. They have found that out. U nconcerned Ma rtyra. z6 £Datl11 Sketch • - PHILIP 0YLER •