The Introducer Volume 8 | Page 22

William Telewer, Chairman of the Smart Cities Group

The Smart Cities Group brings together players from government, industry, venture capital and the startup world to connect, develop and effectively deploy technologies.

Ernesto Gonzalez

Ernesto Gonzalez is in the process of putting his own innovation on top of blockchain to create something that will definitely get the attention of the philanthropists of the world who are into impact. He is an academic with credentials all over the world and invites anyone into blockchain to connect via Linkedin.

Angela Malone, Pres. Creategivity & Founder, Dr. Scribbles

Angela created Dr. Scribbles as a means of helping to reduce anxiety for children and parents in a doctor’s exam room. Exam table paper is printed with activities like puzzles and games that entertain children and engage parents while waiting for the doctor to arrive. Simple and inexpensive, the product has had great results and reviews. Messages that promote good nutrition and health habits, as well as well-placed, non-intrusive ads are included on the paper. Visit the Dr. Scribbles site here. You can contact Angela from the site if you are a physician, healthcare facility, or other interested party.

Michael Fergusson, Founder & CEO, Ayogo Health, Inc.

Michael and his award-winning Ayogo team is focused on patient activation, adherence, and persistence to therapy. Medicine, therapies, and treatments aren’t as effective if not followed through, and patient interest is lost if they don’t see fairly immediate relief. Ayogo is solving that problem. Their Empower software platform is the basis for digital health interventions from some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. They create digital support programs that can determine whether a medication or medical device delivers its full potential. You can check out their demo and contact them at their site.