The Introducer Volume 8 | Page 21

Here are a few we see in this issue.

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Trey Holder and Mark Wolf should chat because Mark is looking for contacts at brands who are environmentally conscious. Trey knows brands.

Colin Milner and Todd Gray (Issue #7) should connect for a conversation around Todd’s biosole wearable that helps diabetes patients. Colin’s networking interests include “product/service providers interested in senior centers and senior living communities.”

Dr. Nema needs to have a chat with Quinton Scholes (Issue #4) of Africa Business Portal because Dr. Nema’s networking interests include “business development teams in Africa, Asia, and South America.” Dr. Nema needs to share information about his mobile power grid with Mark Wolf who works on projects with decision-makers in places where Dr. Nema wants to put his innovation.

Jorge Saraiva whose networking interests include “Smart City teams or city development officers” should connect with Trey Holder as Trey is working on a Smart Cities project with the City of Toronto.

Jesse Berst and Trey Holder should connect as Trey wants to meet “leaders on smart cities/sustainable cities projects” and Jesse who runs the Smart Cities Council might find Trey’s background and contacts in retail interesting.

Jenna Nicholas and Mark Wolf should have a conversation as Jenna’s team has worked to help hurricane-prone areas and Mark’s company helps communities prevent natural disasters. Jenna should also connect with Osama Hashmi (Issue #4) because she’s interested in networking with people with technology experience who can help her flesh out technology tools for her business. Osama not only has that expertise but, also, the brainstorming skills to assist in all aspects of Impact Experience growth.

Dr. Overton and Fred Wellman (Issue #2) would have a meaningful conversation around veteran’s programs, which is one of Dr. Overton’s interests. Fred is a veteran with a military/government-centric business and has a social impact focus on servicemen and women.