The Indian Business Owner TIBO Magazine - Volume 001 - Page 16

3 Keys To Social Media Management Social Media can be daunting. Where to start and what to post are some of the simple struggles while staying on top of multiple platforms can prove to be difficult for the small to medium business owner. With so many people on social media, it seems inevitable that we as business owners need to have an online presence. To many this means just having a social media page but it needs to go further than that to prove effective in today’s digital world. Here are three keys to managing your businesses social media: 1. Content The most difficult component of managing social 14 |TIBO Magazine - Fall 2016 media is the Content. You may have heard before that “Content Is King” and it holds true. Many businesses think that just posting anything is good content because they’re maintaining presence. This is a false sense of security. Content matters and should be used to achieve the goal that you have set out for your business which is usually contributed to increasing the bottom line. With that in mind, generate content that will engage your social community and trigger a response. Review past posts and see where you have increased responsiveness. This will help you in generating future content of similar nature that will increase the consistency of those responses. 2. Consistency Consistency is a major key. Perhaps the component where most businesses fall flat and go stale. The absolute worst thing you can do is be inconsistent. Imagine if Coca-Cola advertised once a week. Now imagine what that would do to their sales. The