'The Independent Music Show Magazine' November 2019 | Page 4

Lyia Meta

Featured Artist 01 - Nov - 2019

Lyia Meta is a singer songwriter and visual artist.

Of local Malaccan Portuguese heritage, she grew up

listening to rock classics, blues and pop. Greatly

influenced by the music of the 60’s and the 70’s, she’s

been a familiar face in the local club circuit for a few


Her debut EP is a testament to the years she has

spent in the club circuit, singing at a variety of clubs

and traveling the peninsula singing her heart out

at gigs. Aptly titled ‘This is Lyia', her EP which

comprises of 5 songs, were self penned with

4 English tracks and 1 Malay track

(national language). She hopes to find an

audience that would appreciate and listen to her


In November and December of 2015 two of her

songs (She’s Searching and For You) played on

Women of Substance Radio in LA, with the song

‘She’s Searching' making it to the Top 20 Playlist in

November that same year.

Her debut EP 'This is Lyia' which garnered 6

nominations from Voice Independent Music Awards

(VIMA) in May of 2016 saw her win the award for

BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT. The debut offering which

is described as "raw", "organic" and "bold" is a reflection of her

roots in rock, blues and pop.

That same year, Lyia Meta was nominated top 5 for Anugerah

Industri Awards (A.I.M) for Best New Artist. Selected from more

than 700 entries and touted as Malaysia's very own Grammy, the nomination gained her recognition on a National level.

In December of 2016, out of 600 acts, Radio Wigwam UK selected

13 acts/songs for their 'Bandwagon Songs of 2016'. Among them was

Lyia's song Slumber.

In April of 2017, Lyia Meta won The Gold Medal Award for Best Rock Ballad, from Global Music Awards, California.

Her music has been well received among the independent groups and has been getting regular airplay on internet radio and radio stations across globe.

She is currently in studio working on new material.

Photo credit: Doreen Rodriguez