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Detroit—Award winning blues performer and songwriter Luther Badman Keith has released the title track from his new CD which will debut later this year.

Titled, “Working Bluesman,” the high energy guitar-driven track tells the story

of the every day bluesman “hunting for another blues gig.”

“I think most blues guys and gals will identify with it,” said Keith, a former

professional journalist. “We all love to play the music but it is work to keep

the momentum going. Whenever I’m asked, what is the favorite gig I’ve played,

I always answer “‘The next one.’”

The new CD will feature 13 all original tracks, authored and arranged by Keith.

Working Bluesman will be Keith’s fifth all original CD release since he released

his first, Badman in 1999. Keith’s other releases are Thunder In My Blues, Blues

Nation and Bluesmen Are Kings

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