The IMC Magazine Issue 16/June 2016 | Page 62

material 'touched' several producers and she soon formed a band called Zetland Streets. Along with co-founder David Mason, Strand members Richard and Susan were also involved. She recorded 6 songs with Zetland Streets alongside legendary producer Andy Johns and mastered by Pride Hutchison of Explosive Records.

Richard Green – Lead Guitarist for The Strands. Richard is a West Coast Blues Hall of Famer as well as a veteran of both the Oakland and L.A. music and recording scenes. He studied music at Cal State University Los Angeles with renowned saxophone and flute player, Buddy Collett. Richard also toured and recorded with The Whispers.

Susan Ferrari enhances the sound on both the keyboard and backing vocals. She began forming garage bands in her early teens before graduating from Northwestern University with a

degree in music composition. She also studied at the New England Conservatory under well known jazz pianist, Ran Blake.

Susan has also recorded with Dinky Dawson and Andy Johns.

Bassist Paul Campbell is the founder of The Strands, forming the tight knit group back in 2011. He studied bass with Richard Green.

Drumming for the gigs in Los Angeles only is Lance Tamanaha. Lance came to L.A. from Hawaii in the 1980's and has recorded with multiple bands such as Jupiter Ignition, Human Drama and Zero 1, to name a few.

Radio Candy owner, Marc Platt (see the March issue of IMC ) gives his take on The Strands: "I love the fact that this band can produce a song about the joy of playing this music they love together as a unit. In fact, the musicianship is solid throughout this recording and Campbell is a unifying presence."

"The Strands. A genre called Artisanal. A soothing blend of jazz, blues and soul combined with captivating vocals that will touch you from the inside out."