The IMC Magazine Issue 16/June 2016 | Page 61

One of the most enjoyable perks of running an INDIE music station is the receipt of fresh, unheard music submitted to me daily from indie artists around the globe.

I'll sometimes spend hours just listening, savoring the tracks before reaching out to the artists who sent them. And, as with all music, there is always one particular song that will grab your attention.

One that 'touches you' more than the others. Whether it be the powerful vocals, the electrifying guitar riffs, the beat or the captivating lyrics. It's that one song that touches you deep inside, almost to the point of goose bumps. (Some will tell you I've been 'touched' in other ways, but I shall avoid digressing).

I received one such song a while back, and was immediately captivated by the smooth, hypnotic lead vocals. What made these vocals stand out even more, was the crisp, tight, jazz style music and harmonies joining in the background. So, who was this band, what was the song and who's tantalizing voice was soothing me, you ask? Glad you did. Well, even if you didn't ask, I'm about to tell you anyways.

Meet The Strands. A tight, closely knit 4 piece indie band from Santa Monica, CA. The group

Consists of Amanda Campbell on lead vocals, Richard Green on lead guitar, Susan Ferrari on

keyboards and founder, Paul Campbell on bass. While in Los Angeles they are joined by a 5th

member, Lance Tamanaha on drums.

At a loss to describe a genre that they fit into, call their music Artisanal, but you can add jazz, blues and soul to the mix. The first track I got my hands on was called 'The River' written by Susan Ferrari. While I enjoy all the songs, this one, in my opinion, truly brings out Amanda's vocal range and how tight musically the band is.

Formed in late 2011 by Paul Campbell, they won the Best Jazz/Pop Album awarded by Akademia Music Awards in November of 2015.

Let me break down the band for you:

The gifted singer fronting the band is singer/songwriter Amanda Campbell. Amanda grew up in London, UK before heading stateside. Much like Toronto's Nicole Coward (whom I featured in April's issue), Amanda got her start doing the coffee house circuit, singing jazz. Her original material 'touched' several producers and she soon formed a band called Zetland Streets. Along with co-founder David Mason, Strand members Richard and Susan were alson involved.