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Board Actions

The chair called the regular board meeting to order at 1:06 p . m . on March 17 , 2022 , via telephonic and video conference . The meeting adjourned at 2:34 p . m .

NANA Shareholders Elect Board Members

Resolution authorizing establishing a NANA permanent fund for the purpose of shareholder dividends and other board-directed shareholder benefits
Gia Qimatchuq Hanna
Gladys Ikkaiyuk Jones
Tony Saŋuiq Jones Jr .
Gloria Iviilik Carter
• The board voted to establish a NANA permanent fund for shareholder benefit purposes , including dividends , with an initial funding amount of $ 200 million and subsequent contributions potentially added on a regular basis equal to the royalty amounts earned from the Red Dog Mine . The permanent fund will be set up after a board committee , policies and other necessary actions are complete , including finding a firm to manage the assets .
Resolution authorizing engagement of external firm ( s ) to advance NANA shareholder interests in connection with the Ambler Access Project
• The board voted to authorize NANA senior management to engage and work with external resources , such as outside lobbying and public relations firms , to advance NANA and its shareholder interests in relation to the Ambler Access Project . The board approved a budget not to exceed $ 1.5 million .
Resolution authorizing merger and acquisition activity
• The board authorized NANA senior management to explore potential merger and acquisition opportunities .
The next NANA board of directors meeting is scheduled for April 27-28 , 2022 , in Kotzebue , AK .
Mary Ḷał . ł . uraq Adams

During NANA ’ s annual meeting , shareholders elected eight directors to serve on the NANA board . Newly elected directors are Gia Qimatchuq Hanna ( At-Large ), Gladys Ikkaiyuk Jones ( Ambler ), Tony Saŋuiq Jones Jr . ( Buckland ), Gloria Iviilik Carter ( Deering ), Mary Ļał . ł . auraq Adams ( Noatak ), David Kitñu Field ( Noorvik ), Allen Suqqalik Ticket Sr . ( Selawik ) and Linda Piquk Lee ( Shungnak ). They will each serve three-year terms .

NANA Employees Share the Warmth

David Kitñu Field
Allen Suqqalik Ticket Sr .
Nellie A . Nayuk Sheldon Gladys Ikkaiyuk Jones
Gary Qugliaq Hadley Tony Saŋuiq Jones Jr .
Bonita Qanialaaq Barr Gloria Iviilik Carter
Ely Utuktauruq Cyrus Crystal Kumahausraq Johnson
Mary F . Avaayak Sage Myra Aqurruaq Wesley
Johnetta Unaviqsruaq Horner Alex Putyuk Sheldon Sr .
Lance Qaluraq Kramer
Piquk Linda Lee
Brianna Nukuk Kirk Mary Ḷał . ł . auraq Adams
William “ Billy ” Utauyuk Sheldon Jr . David Kitñu Field
Tommy Panitchaq Ballot Sr . Allen Suqqalik Ticket Sr .
Frederick “ Fred ” Naasri Sun Sr . Linda Piquk Lee
Charlie Alasuk Curtis Gia Qimatchuq Hanna
Elder Advisor Roland Ikaaq Booth Sr .

For the fourth consecutive year , NANA employees made over 30 cozy , no-sew fleece blankets to distribute at Maniilaq Association ’ s Putyuk Children ’ s Home during the 2021 holiday season . The vision of Putyuk Children ’ s Home is to offer an environment of hope and an experience of love in a therapeutic setting . The services the program offers are given to children , ages 0 to 18 years . NANA ’ s goal was to make enough warm blankets for each child to keep , even after they move from Putyuk Children ’ s Home .

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