The Hub November 2016 | Page 5

Eva Antonel has been a resident of Essex County for the past 44 years. She has gone to school, married, raised a family, met lifelong friends and made a living by working with books and magazines in this, her chosen city. When she is not working with words, she is either reading or writing them for pleasure. Angelica is a marketing writer by day and stage manager by night. She loves giraffes, chips and dip, and correcting the grammar of strangers. Angelica is addicted to all things social media and plasters her Twitter feed with photos of her dogs Frankie Braxton, and Samwise the cat. Rabiul Biplob is a journalism graduate from St.Clair College and The Hub’s calendar guy! He loves travelling and would like to travel around the world. He’s happy to be working and growing with a great team. Dawn Gray is a journalism student at St. Clair College. She is a skilled writer and photographer, able to research and write about almost anything. She believes in giving a voice to the voiceless. Rolling out an issue of The Hub takes an entire team writers, photographers, editors and artists. Here’s the team that came together for the November 2016 issue - we're glad we got to connect with them and hope their stories and photos connect with you. Shelley Divnich Haggert reads, writes and teaches in Windsor, and has been part of the local & national magazine industry for 16 years. She has three daughters and lives with her husband, and Thor, a dog who’s afraid of thunder. Brett Henderson is a journalism student at St. Clair College, and a budding foodie. He’s just started his first food blog and joined our team as our Food Matters columnist! Lyndi-Colleen Morgan is a small town girl who moved to Windsor to pursue her dreams of a journalistic career. Lyndi-Colleen is a journalism student at St. Clair College and is The Hub’s new intern! Victoria Parent is both an avid reader and an avid manga and anime nerd. She loves to draw and loves to write even more. Whether you need a little cheering up, or just a book recommendation, she is always happy to help.