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CONNECTING The last morning of October brought good news for students in Windsor-Essex; the Province is going to cough up some badly needed cash to replace more of our aging and overcrowded schools. And this time, it’s not just new schools for those who’ve fled the urban core. Plans include replacing Catholic Central with a brand new secondary school on the site of the former Windsor Arena. When the idea for this school site was first floated a couple of years ago, I was instantly pleased at the thought, but many thought it was a terrible idea. Some criticized the demographic a downtown school would house. Others, still unhappy with the closure of the Water World pool, seemed determined to oppose any further changes in their neighbourhood. Already, after this recent announcement, some citizens are concerned about the impact on the Water World community centre. I urge the naysayers to really think about this. Neighbourhoods with schools are stronger than neighbourhoods without them. Schools go hand in hand with community centres, development initiatives and neighbourhood pride. There’s a chance here for an oft-neglected and struggling area to fill in a blank space. And the presence of a high school may stabilize or increase enrolment at nearby elementary schools. And finally, efforts by organizations like the DWBIA and the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative can be reaffirmed by the presence of more young people and their school activities. As the leaves fall and winter sets in, I hope all of our readers can give some thought to the changes going on in our community, and how they can be a part of them. In this issue, we talk about one of them the WE Are Able initiative to increase diversity in the workplace. We also look at the history of one of the biggest changes in our community’s past - the building of the Ambassador Bridge. Whether it in the past or in the future, change is not always a bad thing - new ideas and new efforts often bring new opportunities and new prosperity. We’ll see you in December! Now that Halloween is behind us, we can squarely focus our attention on the approaching Canadian winter. Those that have lived anywhere north of Windsor-Essex often laugh when I share this sentiment. And, if the current temperatures are any indication, you can't blame them. Yes we do get winter compared to our neighbours in the southern United States but often nothing like the rest of our fellow Canadians outside of this region. Regardless, our reality is our own and even though we don't often have to worry about installing winter tires, we still have a list of things that need to get done before Mother Nature decides to turn down the thermostat below zero. Whether your list involves winterizing your car, your wardrobe or building up your stock of hot chocolate and firewood, the mood is definitely one of preparedness for hibernation. As you get everything ready for the long winter evenings and nights ahead, make sure that subscribing to The Hub is on your to do list. Informative columns, thought provoking features, a bursting-at-the seams calendar of events and our Shop Hop spotlight on new to the area businesses, will keep you in the know while you await the coming of spring. Eva Shelley Please direct advertising or subscription inquiries to [email protected] Managing Editors Eva Antonel Shelley Divnich Haggert Rabiul Biplob,, Dawn Gray, Angelica Haggert, Brett Henderson, Lyndi-Colleen Morgan, Victoria Parent Windsor Essex County Health Unit Connect With Us! [email protected] @TheHubWE 4 The HUB -November 2016 Copyright 2016 The Write Side Up Inc. & Audacity Design Group Inc. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the publishers. The Hub is published 11 times a year by The Write Side Up Inc. & Audacity Design Group Inc. Articles and advertisements in The Hub do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the magazine. We do not assume responsibility for statements made by advertisers or editorial contributors. The acceptance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service or information being advertised. We do not knowingly present any product, idea or statement which is fraudulent or misleading in nature.