The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 6 — Coping Strategies - Page 4

06 66 Happiness Experiments Life sucks. Not all the time, but there are moments in everyone’s life when days become difficult. Whether the trouble we find ourselves in is a result of our own actions or those of another, or simply because that’s the way life is, what is important is that we develop mechanisms for dealing with our lot in life. Store up positive thoughts As you go through life store up for yourself positive experiences and thoughts so that when life is difficult you can draw on the positivity you have banked. Call on friends When life is tough there is sometimes nothing better than a shoulder to cry on or someone with whom you can talk through your issues. If life is difficult right now, why not schedule some time with a close friend. Take time out Being able to get away from what is going on in your life is a great coping mechanism. It might not be possible to take a two-week holiday, but even a ten-minute walk can help re-calibrate you. Learn to say no Get yourself ready If you know in advance that life is going to get a little difficult, think through what you can do to move through that period as well as possible. Pray People who pray often deal with difficulty easier than those who don’t. It is helpful because you don’t feel alone as you go through whatever it is that is troubling you, and it enables you to step outside your immediate situation.