The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 4 — Friends & Family | Page 4

04 44 Happiness Experiments When it comes to creating your own formula for happiness nearly everyone includes the importance of friends and family. So, with that being the case, it is important to take time to invest in these precious relationships. What follows below are several suggestions for how you can build more meaningful connections. Cheer each other on Achievements become sweeter when they are shared with others. When something good happens to a friend, or when they accomplish something (big or small), make a big deal out of it. If someone close to you is rising to a challenge, cheer them on; if they are finding the going quite tough then shout for them as loud as you can. Make time Relationships blossom when they are watered with time. Often, making time to invest in friendships is about choices in how you spend your time. Research indicates that choosing to spend time with friends raises our levels of happiness. Appreciate Everybody is a masterpiece being prepared for the big reveal. Take time to appreciate that which is good about those close to you. Cheer others on. Hug There are some for whom a hug is awkward – in some circumstances even inappropriate – but where it is possible and welcome, take time to hug your friends – when you get together and when you say goodbye. Forgive Everyone gets it wrong at some point. There are moments when the best and most noble thing to do is to forgive and move on. This isn’t saying that we should always forgive. If someone hurts you, forgiving them does not mean that you just let them hurt you again. Reminisce One of the great joys of life is being able to walk down memory lane with some close friends and tell the story again. Plan time with some of your oldest friends to do just that.