The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 3 — Forgiveness - Page 4

03 32 Happiness Experiments Choosing to offer forgiveness to someone or not is your decision. If you should determine to break free from the pain that someone has caused you, to re-write history, or to make a shift in your thinking then you need to develop your forgiveness muscles. Noted below are some ways that you could do that. Read the stories of others who have forgiven Read a bestselling book that details the story of someone journeying to offer forgiveness to someone who caused them harm. If there is no book that grabs your attention then see what films are currently showing at the cinema. Imagine forgiveness Spend some time mulling over what it would be like to forgive the person who did you wrong. Explore your negative feelings, consider the pain they caused, try and understand why they acted as they did, and mull over what steps you need to take to offer forgiveness. Seek forgiveness of others Is there anyone that you need forgiveness from? If appropriate, consider taking the time to either write them a letter or go to see them; let them know what you did and ask for their forgiveness. Talking to those who have expressed forgiveness Spend some time with someone who has expressed forgiveness to a person who has hurt them. Listen to them as they express their pain and journey to offering forgiveness. Write a letter of forgiveness Take time to write a letter to the person who wronged you. Express your pain and the consequences of their actions. Then, express your forgiveness. There is no need to send the letter. Appreciate being forgiven No one is perfect, so in all probability there will be someone in your past that you have intentionally hurt. Imagine how they must have felt by your actions and the shock you caused by hurting them. Hopefully they would have decided to forgive you. If so, consider the journey they must have travelled on to the place of reconciliation. Watch an inspiring film about forgiveness.