The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 3 — Forgiveness - Page 2

03 30 A better future D oes anyone deserve to be forgiven? Th e answer to that question, in all probability, is usually no. So why in Th e Happiness Lab do we spend a whole session encouraging delegates to consider off ering the gift of forgiveness to those who have harmed them? Th e primary reason for encouraging individuals to forgive is that the act of forgiving someone is good for you. We do have a choice of whether to forgive someone or not. We also have every right never to reconcile with someone who has intentionally caused us pain. However, should you choose to make the diffi cult journey to forgive, which does not imply forgetting or pardoning or reconciliation, then there are several good reasons for doing so. Off ering forgiveness enables us to break free from the cycle of bitterness and revenge; it improves our health; it opens up the possibility of restored relationships; and it works for the good of society. What off ering forgiveness also does is to create a new ending to the story. Stories can have one of three endings: revenge, tragedy, or forgiveness. Forgiveness is the only option that can lead to freedom.