The Happiness Lab Delegate's Guide Chapter 1 — Gratitude & Savouring - Page 3

Stepping out of the ordinary Phil’s story 01 F or me, one of the biggest learning moments of being on The Happiness Lab was to do with the challenge to slow down a little and appreciate what is going on around me. I feel that the last ten years have flown by, and although there have been some very good times in my life, I am not sure that I have enjoyed or savoured them as much as I could have. In being married with a family and being busy running a business it is easy to be caught up in what happens next rather than lingering a little longer in the good that is happening now. One of the experiences that brought this home to me happened when I was doing some chores at home. For a very brief moment in time, I managed to step out of the ordinary events of my day, turn the radio off and spend five minutes focussing on the washing-up. As I was drawn in to what I was doing, I could feel the soap and the heat of the water on the plates. That simple act of focussing in on what I was doing took me out of the busyness of the day and probably relaxed me for about five to seven minutes. After I had finished the washing-up, I dried my hands – by which time the phone was ringing and I was 11 back in the hustle and bustle of the day. But that little bit of total downtime as I concentrated on the washing-up reorientated me to be more aware of what was going on right there and then, rather than being caught up in the many tasks that constantly call for my attention.