The Hammonton Gazette 11/22/23 Edition

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Rancher for sale on Anderson Ave .

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Miss Hammonton Pride held at Kathedral

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Rotary ’ s Winterfest set for Dec . 2-3

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Wednesday , November 22 , 2023
Volume 27 • Issue 47

HEF ThanksForGiving Gala a success hammontongazette . com

LWQA reads letter from Pinelands

dation has fulfilled over $ 600,000 in grants to benefit the students at the Hammonton School District .
Hammonton Education Foundation members Jessica Sacco , Heather D ’ Amby Kristin Guglietti
HAMMONTON — People in glittery and formal outfits enjoyed dancing while raising money to benefit students during the sold out second annual Hammonton Education Foundation Thanks- ForGiving Gala on Nov . 18 at the Cart Barn at Pinelands Golf Club .

Marino wins seat on town council

HAMMONTON — Republican candidate Anthony Marino won a spot on town council after the election .
Marino previously served on town council 15 years ago and he is happy to be back .
“ I ’ m looking forward to serving and working up there with the rest of the council . I ’ m hoping that we can come to an agreement on things that matter most to Hammontonians ,” Marino said .
Marino talked about his previous time on council where he served in the minority .
“ If it ’ s in the best interest of the town , I ’ ll support what they want to do . If it ’ s not , I ’ m going to call them out on it ,” Marino said .
Kristin Guglietti / THG
People danced , socialized and raised money during the second annual Hammonton Education Foundation ThanksForGiving Gala on Nov . 18 at the Cart Barn at Pinelands Golf Club .
During Marino ’ s time on council , he helped expand the police department by hiring more police officers and buying new top-of-the-line equipment that was available at the time .
Now that Marino is back on council , one of his goals is seeing more roads paved .
“ I want to see more roads paved . See the roads program reinstituted because from what I can see , there isn ’ t one now ,” Marino said .
Marino said he wants to make sure town employees are treated on a better basis than what they are now .
“ I also want to reevaluate each department and see where the staffing levels are at and if it ’ s adequate or not ,” Marino said . Marino would also like to see expanded
During last year ’ s ThanksForGiving Gala , the Hammonton Education Foundation raised over $ 22,000 and this year ’ s goal is to raise $ 30,000 or more .
The money goes towards different grants that teachers can apply for . To date , the Hammonton Education Foun-

Santa , My Neighbor inspired by Santa look alike

by Kristin Guglietti
HAMMONTON — Lifelong Hammonton resident Steven DeStefano wrote a children ’ s book called Santa , My Neighbor , which will be released on Nov . 28 and is currently available for preorder at barnesandnoble . com / w / book / 114430434 .
It is the story about a boy inspired by his 4-year-old son , Steven DeStefano III , who
by Kristin Guglietti GAZETTE STAFF WRITER moves in next door to a man that looks a lot like Santa . The man who looks like Santa is inspired by Fred Hayes , DeStefano ’ s neighbor on Fairview Avenue .
“ We live off Fairview Avenue and my neighbor , Fred [ Hayes ], looks exactly like Santa Claus , and that ’ s what inspired the idea ,” DeStefano said . “ I have a 4-year-old son and I was thinking what it would be like to be a 4-year-old kid and live next to a guy that looked like Fred .”
See MARINO , Page 4
See HEF GALA , Page 12
The book will show the inner conflict the boy faces while trying to stay off the naughty list . The following is from the book ’ s overview on Barnes & Noble ’ s website :
“ When a young boy relocates to a quaint , snow-draped town , his curious heart never anticipates the magical twist his life is about to take . His new neighborhood seems like any other , with children
See SANTA , Page 3

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HAMMONTON — Hammonton Lake Water Quality Advisory ( LWQA ) Committee Chairperson Dan Bachalis said Public Works Manager Scott Rivera received a letter dated Oct . 31 from the New Jersey Pinelands Commission ( NJPC ) seeking more additional information about the DuBois Associates report . The DuBois Associates report proposed establishing a habitat protection area for threatened and endangered species of purple and humped bladderwort on the far side of Hammonton Lake .
The letter from the NJPC was discussed during the Nov . 14 LWQA Committee meeting at the Hammonton Canoe Club . Bachalis read parts of the letter . “ Now if you recall , the current proposal is to establish a habitat protection area on the far side of the lake for the humped bladderwort and the purple bladderwort and allow us to spray the rest of the lake . ‘ Please submit the following information to demonstrate consistency of the current proposal with the T & E [ threatened and endangered ] plant species protection standard .
‘ 1 . Please provide a written explanation from a qualified professional addressing how the proposed treatment of Hammonton Lake with the herbicide Diquat Dibromide , which specifically targets bladderwort species while protecting the Pinelands Plant Habitat Protection Area will not result in an irreversible adverse impact on the local populations of purple and humped bladderwort . Such explanations must address herbicide crossover or drift in the lake , wind is a factor , drift again , depth
See PINELANDS , Page 4

Grateful-themed Third Thursday

Kristin Guglietti / THG
The downtown stores and restaurants showed how appreciation for their customers during the grateful-themed Third Thursday event on Nov . 16 . Pictured are Darleen Rever , April D ’ Orazio and Julia Stuhltrager enjoying drinks at Blue Rascal Distillery . For more photos , see Pages 16 and 17 . one dollar