The Grit February 2020 - Page 5

Good data makes M&E a real song and dance ONITORING and evaluation M (M&E) is used to assess the performance of LDC with the goal to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact. It’s a subject that’s not always as dry as it sounds ... GRASS program can be of help to producers he Grazing T Resilience and Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) program supports producers to address land in poor or degraded condition. Find out more. GRT case study makes for interesting reading DC is working with Eungella L manage and Crediton landholders to Giant rat’s tail (GRT) grass. A case study on how graziers near Minani in the Pioneer Valley have been managing the invasive grass is an interesting read. BOM’s 2019 Climate Statement he BOM Annual Climate T Statement is published in early January each year and provides the initial summary of annual values and overview of temperatures, rainfall and significant weather events for the year. Read the 2019 Statement. Grit, Issue 18, February, 2020 | P5