The Grit February 2020 - Page 3

LDC has partnered with Meat Livestock Australia (MLA) to develop two Producer Demonstration Sites (PDS) to improve business productivity and profitability outcomes. Regenerative grazing One is focused on regenerative grazing practices, and the other will concentrate on an integrated approach to weed control. Find out more in the stories below. LA, with support from LDC, M will provide the producer-led demonstration site with facilitation and extension, monitoring and evaluation of practice change. It links in with a five-year grazing project. Weed control project LA, with support from LDC, M will provide a producer-led demonstration site focusing on holistic approaches to managing priority weeds in the BBB catchment. Leadership program open for candidates leadership A program has been developed specifically for graziers in the Bowen Broken Bogie catchment. Register your interest by 13 March. LANDHOLDERS Driving Change is a Burdekin Major Integrated Project funded by the Queensland Government through the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program. Grit, Issue 18, February, 2020 | P3