The Grit December 2018 - Page 10

New vegetation clearing codes he Queensland Government is seeking feedback T from landholders about proposed changes to the revised accepted development vegetation clearing HAV YOUR E SAY code. It has been reviewed as part of a broader review of self- assessable activities landholders can undertake using accepted development vegetation clearing codes. Submissions close at 5pm, 18 December 2018. Suite of on-ground works, training options raziers in the BBB have a G suite of funded on-ground works, and training opportunities available to them as part of the LDC project to help them develop their skills and knowledge and to implement practice change for water quality improvement while continuing to improve profitability. New LDC team member Matthew (Matt) Miles W e to welcome the team, he is LDC’s Landscape Remediation Officer. We’re glad to have Matt on board and had him answer a few questions about himself and his aspirations - read on to find out what he had to say. The Bowen-based LDC project support team Land Management Support Senior Field Officer Coordinator Adrienne Hall - 0428 158 859 Rodger Walker - 0408 828 276 Senior Field Officer Brendan Smith - 0417 408 587 P10 | Grit Issue 7, December, 2018 Landscape Remediation Officer Matt Miles - 0401 552 992