The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 6

M?e? ??? ??e?u???? ?????r?... Name: Ricky Macourt Studying: Bachelor of Laws Position: Founding President Why did you start BIAS: I started BIAS with Henry Norris because Bond lacked any significant cultural engagement with Indigenous Australians. They were great with scholarships and access but when it came to more support, which is often needed, it was completely lax. So Henry and I designed a club that could see average Bondies engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and we wanted to see the perspectives of our fellow students expand, so they could see past the stereotype and straight into the beauty that is Indigenous culture. Where do you hope it leads: I want BIAS to expand beyond Bond and really get into the local community. We lack major support outside of BUSA and we want to be able to expand across the Gold Coast so we can make a real difference. BIAS is a start but I want to see it grow into the hearts of many so we can all work together for equality, reconciliation and for one great Australia. Name: Gemma Lloyd Studying: Bachelor of Tourism and Business Management Position: Vice President (Education and Development) Where do you hope BIAS goes in the future: I hope to see BIAS with a large Bond network and external network also. I hope that we can raise more awareness of Australia’s Indigenous societies and hopefully make a change by doing all we can and more to ‘close the gap’. What do you plan to do for the society: Being on an Indigenous Scholarship I feel I am already on the right path. By sharing my story to other Indigenous Australians I hope they can find inspiration in my hard work to gain higher education and enter the work force. I want to dedicate my time and efforts into closing the gap and hope to one day see equality in all areas of society. (0