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COA Sample Test Results
COA Sample Test Results
C4 is The Only Clean Green Certified Cannabis Cultivator in MO .
Upwards of 60 Pesticides are tested for .
● Then look at the last two sections to see how much of each chemical was used .
● Many times , the analysis will list “ ND ” ( non-detectable ), but that just means it was under the limit and “ non-detectable .”
● The heavy metals section lets you know if the soil or medium held any metals while growing or drying the plant , depending on when they get it tested .
● Lastly , the microbials results are important , as plants retains moisture to grow . However , when drying and superfluous moisture is left — it can run the risk of mold , other microbials , or bacteria growing .
Clean Green Certified ® is the # 1 Certifier Globally for Cannabis
● 100 % Natural — Clean Green inputs only and no pesticides used in the garden .
● Grown In-House — We develop innovative strains to meet the consumer ’ s needs .
LOOK for the C4 Brand ... A HIGHER STANDARD
Hopefully , armed with this information , you ’ ll have a better idea of what to shop for the next time you enter the dispensary . When you are aware of the tools available to you and use them , you can better decide the right cannabis product for your needs .
Danielle Buntyon , the owner of Jades Elevation LLC , left corporate America to join the hemp industry in 2018 . She specializes in solventless extraction of CBD hemp . She earned certifications from Ganja Talks University , and completed New Farmers Academy at Tennessee State University . She consults countless farmers and producers with farm and marketing development . She has a Master ’ s degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Sport and Leisure Studies and a Bachelor ’ s degree in Marketing from the University of Memphis . She ’ s lobbied the Tennessee capital to support cannabis law reform as a former board member of the Memphis Chapter of NORML . Contact her at www . jadeselevation . com .
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