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How Textures Tell Their True Story

High Potency , More Efficient , Faster Releaf , Better Flavor .
by Danielle Buntyon , contributing writer

As soon as you enter your local dispensary , you will see a wide variety of concentrate options available . The question is , how do you choose the one that is right for you ? Let me answer that by first asking the following questions : What would you like to experience ? Are you looking for a high THC with minimal flavor , or are you looking for a robust terpene profile to kick start your entourage effect into high gear ?

First , one of the simplest ways to start is by getting to know the names and textures of the concentrates . Consumers ’ preferences are very different , just like the prices of the concentrates they choose to purchase . In this installment of our Elevated Learning Series , we will look at some of the most common textures used in concentrates . The objective of this tutorial is to examine how textures are made , how they are consumed , and how they are stored . So , let ’ s dive right into it .
Let ’ s begin by talking about the texture called Budder . It is a cannabis concentrate that is very aromatic and has a smooth taste . Compared with other cannabis concentrates , it has the consistency of butter because it is rigorously whipped during the purging process . A homogeneous concentrate is created by melting down Shatter and then whipping it to a uniform consistency . Due to its chunky , malleable texture , Budder usually has an extremely strong smell and feels like peanut butter or cookie dough , depending upon the strain . The average amount of THC in Budder is 90 %, and the average purity is 99.9 %, making it extremely pure and potent . As a result , Budder tends to be more expensive than other cannabis products .
How to consume Budder The most efficient way to consume Budder is to dab it in your favorite tool . Whether you use a nectar collector , dab rig , or puffer , you can find many ways to consume for maximum effects and flavor . If you don ’ t like using those methods , you can always add some of your favorite flower to create a blend that suits your needs .
How to store Budder Keep Budder in a cool , dark room with low humidity — the same as storing other cannabis concentrates .
Crumble is like Budder but requires a longer purging process . It tends to be rather dry in texture . To create this product , it must be purified in a vacuum chamber . The temperature of the vacuum chamber should be kept as low as possible during the purification process . During this process , the Crumble softens but remains fragile enough to crumble when handled , giving the concentrate the appearance of a honeycomb when dried . Honeycomb wax is another name for the concentrate .
How to consume Crumble The tricky handling of Crumble makes it the preferred choice for dab rigs . Crumble may be the most ideal concentrate if you need something potent and tasty . This concentrate also contains high levels of THC .
How to store Crumble Crumble should be stored in a dark , low-humidity area . Ensure that the container is tightly sealed .
Shatter has a consistency like glass . There can be high levels of THC and CBD . Despite Shatter ’ s fame for incredible purity , there may be some variations . Depending on the concentration of CBD and THC , it could be transparent or murky . Shatter is made by preparing the cannabis material to be placed into a closed loop system . Then you blast the material with a solvent , usually butane or propane . After that , the solution is cleaned and winterized to ensure all the unwanted material and solvents are removed . After all that , the material is cooked to ensure all solvents are removed .
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