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Bleeding Kansas Advocates

cannabis just come in and screw over patients and advocates who have been fighting for medical cannabis reform for over a decade ? I don ’ t know — yet ! Just asking these questions makes me sick . If verified , this information will make all the patients and advocates of Kansas sick too . Sick with rage .
David Auble worked for years to educate Kansas lawmakers . Every trip to the capitol over these last eight years cost him both financially and in pain . Auble lived out in Paradise , KS , three hours from Topeka . He was on disability , the unfortunate legacy of his traditional cancer treatment . He would do without other things he needed because he had scrimped and saved to afford gas for the trip . It would take him days to physically recover from a trip to the capitol . Many times , he had to pull over and rest before continuing his drive back home . We would all check on him while he was on the road and bite our nails until we knew he had made it home .
Chemotherapy and radiation had devastated his body . He had a condition in his neck called Radiation Induced Fibrosis . It made his neck muscles as hard as wood . Not even x-rays could penetrate them . That was always the worry . It would come back , and they would not be able to see it . It is exactly what happened . He told them it was back . They did not believe him until too late . Auble was often in immense pain and often confined to a wheelchair . He had a feeding tube . It was not easy for him to travel , even when others would drive him . Yet , nothing would keep him from the capitol , or any opportunity , to meet with lawmakers who were ready to listen . He was never just fighting for himself but for every patient in Kansas . However , the children captured his heart most of all . He was always supportive to all the parents fighting to access cannabis for their kiddos . Auble did get to see freedom , not in his home state , however , but only when a friend took him to see Colorado . There he visited Kansas refugees from our BKA group just to check up on the kiddos and their families .
David Auble will be cremated . His tiny church in Paradise covered costs . A warrior ’ s ashes will be all that is left physically , but his impact on all who loved him will remain solidly with us . He was the first to rise to help another patient . The first to welcome a new patient to our group . The first to volunteer for any opportunity to speak to Kansas lawmakers . He always encouraged those working for change and was always there to have our backs against the critics . Kansas senators will once again be meeting to “ work ” on medical cannabis this summer . We hear July . We request that they change the name of the current bill to the David Auble Medical Cannabis bill . It really seems like the very least that they could do . But , as we all know , the Kansas senate is very good at not managing to do even the least . Unless , of course , you have the money to motivate them .
I miss you , my friend . May love and peace surround you . We , Bleeding Kansas Advocates , will continue the fight until all are # FreeToHeal .
Lisa Ash Sublett is the President and Founder of Bleeding Kansas Advocates . Contact her at president @ bleedingks . org or 913.396.9675 .
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