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Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid Strain


Your THC & CBD Starts With High Quality CBD nausea and loss of appetite . The Girl Scout Cookie strain is best taken in small doses until you are certain of how much you can handle at one time .
Possible Side Effects As stated previously in other articles , there are side effects of marijuana for chronic pain . Therefore , it is absolutely necessary to start with the lowest dose possible until you find a dosage that works best for you . You will soon determine an effective dosage that works best for you and your symptoms . If you do experience any side effects from consuming medical cannabis , typically they do not last long , but they may include :
● Drowsiness
● Dizziness
● Dry mouth and thirst
● Short term memory loss
● Euphoria
● Increased appetite
● Insomnia
● Red eyes
● Anxiety or uneasiness
● Giddiness
Keep in mind that medical cannabis affects everyone differently , but overall side effects are much more manageable and milder than those that come with traditional medicines like opioids .
While more research is needed about the effects of cannabis regarding pain management and all medical conditions it may or may not suitably treat , we hope this information provides you with some knowledge on what to look for while at a dispensary . As always , check with your doctor before you start any alternative treatment plan .
Editor ’ s Note : A product called UNDOO is known to aid in THC overconsumption . If you ’ ve accidentally had a little too much THC , an edible , vape , or another product was too strong for you , then UNDOO softgels help mitigate the unwanted effects of accidental overconsumption , swiftly clearing your head and easing the intensity of your THC buzz . Maybe you ’ re just nervous about experimenting with cannabis and getting “ too high ,” then it might be a good idea to keep a pack of UNDOO softgels nearby as your medical cannabis safety net . Look ( or ask ) for UNDOO at your local dispensary , grow store , or smoke shop . See page 47 for more information .
Michael J . Poppa D . O ., R . Ph , MBA Board Certified Occupational Medicine . He can be reached at Missouri Cannabis Clinic , 816.353.0420 , 10001 E . 67th St . Raytown , MO . 64133 . Visit Missouri Cannabis Clinic online at www . MissouriCannabis . clinic .
Notice : The information contained herein is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice , but rather a sharing of knowledge and information based on research and experience .
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