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Women Love Cannabis Too by Danielle Buntyon , contributing writer

Women have been under tremendous pressure to handle many tasks since ancient times . Mentors , nurses , and CEOs are only a few of the many roles women play . More women are becoming more interested in cannabis due to their often-expanded roles in society . An edible , tincture , or even a dab is now the equivalent of a glass of wine for this large group . Women usually shun cannabis products because marijuana has always been perceived as a gateway drug . Consequently , many women have been forced to make difficult decisions that clash against societal norms . Moms who use cannabis are the most influential consumers , and the rest of the world will be paying attention soon . From COVID- 19 onward , remote work and full-time teaching have become the norm for mothers . In the years since then , cannabis sales have increased , with women driving most of them .

What Are Women Consuming ?
It seems that dabs are becoming more and more popular among women , which can be attributed in part to the fact that many women prefer dabs with natural flavors . As a general rule , women are more interested in things like terpene profiles and how the plant is grown and processed . You will find that a vast majority of lady consumers are flocking to flower and vapes , while edibles round out the top ways that women consume cannabis . Cannabis has many health benefits , including reducing inflammation , promoting a positive mood , enhancing appetite , and suppressing appetite . After discussing what women consume , let ’ s take a closer look at why they consume it .
Cannabis Helps To Elevate Mood
Women claim that by using CBD or THC products on a daily basis , they are able to improve their effectiveness . This can be due
42 February 2022 to the fact that cannabis increases the levels of dopamine in the brain , which causes one to feel happy . Among other things , cannabis oil can be discreetly infused into things like coffee , edibles , and other useful and happy things . Previously , the night of fun was spent guzzling wine and drinking alcohol , but now it ’ s filled with joints and bong rips . Thankfully , the stigma of the past has begun to fade away , and women can now indulge in cannabis more relaxedly to discover its full potential .
Women ’ s Health
Quite a few women suffer from monthly pain that sometimes can be unbearable . In some cases , marijuana can be used as a topical treatment for these pains , allowing the patient to apply directly onto the site of the pain . Women can also use infused suppositories that will help with pain as well as increase the amount of moisture in the vaginal area . There are also women who experience pain during sex . Pain during sex can be caused by a number of factors . The use of THC and CBD would have a profound effect on this area since THC reduces pain while CBD calms the body . As a result , the woman will be able to relax her pelvis area , which increases pleasure . We all know that pain is a common experience shared between women . There is still a lot to learn about cannabis and women ’ s health . But for now , we can say that there is still a lot to learn .
Mental Health
Many women were affected by the pandemic . In the blink of an eye , they became a teacher , a principal , a lunch server , and many more things at once . The result was an increase in depression , a lack of happiness , and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation . People turned to cannabis during this period to cope with their social and emotional issues . Women reported that it was helpful for them to have this kind of program .
It helped them cope with their inability to live a normal life and the added responsibility of having to take care of the house . The use of cannabis in treating PTSD and other traumas faced by women is also being researched .
Overall Wellness
Cannabis can be used for so many things ; let ’ s not forget that it is a superfood . The cannabis seeds ( THC or HEMP ) can be roasted for activation , but the seeds do not have to be activated . The seeds can be simply blended into a milk that can be used to replace dairy for a plant-based milk option . Hemp hearts and seeds can be sprinkled on salads and other dishes . It is a great source of protein , and since hemp seeds are recognized as a food ingredient , they can be shared with the entire family . It does have a nutty flavor that will surely excite your taste buds . Cannabis seeds have omega 3 and other good fats that many in Africa and other European countries live by . When used as a food , cannabinoids are not the focus . It ’ s all about the plant .
Danielle Buntyon , the owner of Jades Elevation LLC , left corporate America to join the hemp industry in 2018 . She specializes in solventless extraction of CBD hemp . She earned certifications from Ganja Talks University , and completed New Farmers Academy at Tennessee State University . She consults countless farmers and producers with farm and marketing development . She has a Master ’ s degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Sport and Leisure Studies and a Bachelor ’ s degree in Marketing from the University of Memphis . She ’ s lobbied the Tennessee capital to support cannabis law reform as a former board member of the Memphis Chapter of NORML . Contact her at www . jadeselevation . com .