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Sweet Stone Honey
Like your morning coffee ? Missouri has a way to medicate with that as well . Heartland Labs produces a THC-infused honey under the Sweet Stone label , and it is always a good choice for us coffee or tea drinkers . It leaves the body feeling warm and loose , extending the comforting feeling that the warm drinks can bring you . Sweet Stone – Honey - 100 milligrams per jar – $ 44 each .
Flower Katsu Bubba , a heavily Indica leaning flower cultivated by Heya Wellness , is another of my go-to strains for the later hours of the day . It has a spicy , almost black peppery flavor to its smoke and goes down quite smoothly even though it has a heavier resin content . It leaves one heavily relaxed but not terribly sleepy , but eventually , one will drift off into a deep cannabis nap after it runs its course . Retail : HEYA , Katsu Bubba , Indica , THC 26.6 % ( ⅛ ounce ) 3.5 grams at $ 60 to $ 65 each .
Vape Cartridges
I typically use cartridges for a small puff during the day , helping me take the edge off my nagging arthritis . For me , the Purple Tonic Live Resin vape cartridge from Illicit works great for that purpose . Since it is a 2:1 THC / CBD cartridge , it leverages the entourage effect to produce a relaxing , pain-relieving feeling to help throughout the day . For patients with heavier arthritis , any product with a CBD content alongside its THC gets a big recommendation from me . Retail $ 64 to $ 70 ( check online or call for availability ).
▲ At High Profile Dispensary in Columbia , the shelves and refrigerators are well stocked with products . Looking for chocolates for your valentine ? There are plenty to choose from in this refrigerator ( above right ). We also found well stocked shelves with a host of deli flower jars ( photo below ) for sampling .
As you see , variety is not lacking here in Missouri , and the products being produced become better in quality with each passing day . With affordable examples like Slippery Susan , questioning higher prices for similar products will be the norm . Naturally , availability and competition will always drive the market — just like it has with other medically legal states . With smaller manufacturers opening and producing products that leverage the adaptability that cannabis offers , new products will be gracing the shelves sooner rather than later . Who knows what we will see next month ? Stay tuned ; more to come !
Note : Prices listed here are basic guides that can fluctuate by dispensary and availability . For current pricing and availability , always check your preferred dispensary ’ s online store and / or call for availability of current inventory .
Sean Keast is a Navy Veteran Mass Communications Specialist , cannabis educator , and advocate documenting the Missouri cannabis industry in all its forms and general purveyor of tomfoolery . He ’ s currently enrolled at MU , working towards a communications degree . He can be found @ givviehash on social media .
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