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Exploring Hashish

A Step-by-Step Guide

A look at the various at-home methods of creating this legendary “ Nectar of delight .” by Danielle Buntyon , contributing writer

Historically , hashish could be considered the original concentrate of cannabis . Hailed the “ Nectar of delight ” in India , this concentrate was spread around the world for its medical uses and other properties . This step-bystep guide will look at the various at-home methods of creating this legendary “ Nectar ” creation .

Methods to make hash at home .
Pro Tip :
How to test to see if your material will wash well : 1 . Place 3.5g of flower in a mason jar filled with cold water . 2 . Put a lid on and shake for one minute . 3 . Let the water settle and flip the jar sideways to look at the bottom of the jar .
4 . Examine the collection of trichomes at the bottom of the jar . If it is very little to no matter at the bottom of the jar , the material is not ideal for further processing .
Now that you know how to examine your material , let ’ s look at the tools you will need to make your own hashish at home .
Tools needed :
● Your hands
● Three-section grinder with a mesh screen on the bottom section
● Gloves Heat-resistant
● Water
● Ice
● Buckets ( 5-gallon ) or jar ( depending on how much material you have to process )
● Bubble bags — if you don ’ t have these , you can use a coffee filter or a thin layer of cheesecloth
● Sieving screen
● Harvest Right or pizza box
Hand Rubbed Hash
Hand rubbed hash is said to be the simplest way to make hash , and making “ hand hash ” is very simple . Used since ancient times , it is the oldest method of collection . Here is a step-by-step guide to this method .
1 . Take the floral material of the cannabis plant and rub it between your palms . You can wear rubber gloves .
2 . Rubbing your hands together with the cannabis plant between them will create a sticky , tar-like substance on your hand . That is your hash .
3 . When working with gloves , you can remove and place the gloves in the freezer to harden the tar to allow easy collection . If done without gloves , you will need to collect the tar from your hands and place it in a storage jar . You do this by getting your hands cold and rubbing or just keep rubbing until all is clumped . Then place the tar clump in a bowl or paper towel .
Dry Sift Hash ( Medium technique required )
To consume “ hand hash ,” you can either eat it or roll it into a joint for consumption . This method can produce some desirable hash , but it will take time and patience as this method will not yield you the most resin .
Dry sift hash is made by collecting trichomes from dried plant material . This method can yield some high-quality hash if done correctly . This method calls for sieving the material through screens to remove extra plant material from the extraction .
● Easy way – take a three-section grinder and grind the dried buds . In the bottom section of the grinder , you will find a dustlike material . This is the starting point for your hash .
● Once collected , you can refine the material some more , but you can also simply start to press between your fingers to heat the resin .
● Form into a brick and place in an airtight jar to cure and preserve .
You can also get larger screens for trichome collection . These screens will allow you to process more material and refine more during the collection process . When using the larger screens , freeze your material first ( this will allow you to detach the trichome header easier ). Next , rub the material back and forth over the screen collecting resin from the bottom of each screen .
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