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Pro Tip :
You want to make sure your screens are kept clean and free of debris . If you ’ re using the grinder method occasionally clean the bottom section to improve resin collection when prepping your flower for joints .
Expert technique ─ Ice Water Hash
Ice water hash is considered some of the finest hash in the world . This extraction , if done correctly , can yield a five-star or even six-star hash . Over time , this method has improved to include large vessels that can process thousands of pounds of cannabis , but we will focus on the smaller at-home method .
● First , always begin in a cold room with cold water and cold materials . It ’ s “ All Cold Everything ” for this method .
● Start with at least 240 grams of material for this method — you can use a smaller amount .
● Get your five-gallon bucket . I prefer to have three buckets . If you use the eight-bag system , I prefer to use two buckets for collection and a third bucket for working the material .
● In this process , you will need ice-cold water , frozen or refrigerated material , a paddle , and agitation to detach the trichome from the plant .
● Place material in a work bag before you start mixing . Let the material sit for about 15 minutes . This will allow the water to get all the way through and allow easier removal of resin .
● After the material settles , agitate it for at least 10 minutes if possible . Then run water through bubble bags and collect resin .
● Make sure to rinse your bags after each collection to preserve the life of the bags . This step can be done until the resin collected is green in color .
● Once the collection is complete , dry in the harvest-right freeze dryer , but if you don ’ t have a fancy freeze dyer , take your resin collection and sieve out on a clean pizza box for drying .
● Lastly , to prevent mold , store the collection box in a dark room with good humidity .
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Good luck making your at-home “ Nectar of delight .” Hash is easy to make at home and best enjoyed alongside flower . With some patience and practice , you can master this desired method of consuming medical cannabis . Hashish is rich part of cannabis culture and history .
Danielle Buntyon , the owner of Jades Elevation LLC , left corporate America to join the hemp industry in 2018 . She specializes in solventless extraction of CBD hemp . She earned certifications from Ganja Talks University , and completed New Farmers Academy at Tennessee State University . She consults countless farmers and producers with farm and marketing development . She has a Master ’ s degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Sport and Leisure Studies and a Bachelor ’ s degree in Marketing from the University of Memphis . She ’ s lobbied the Tennessee capital to support cannabis law reform as a former board member of the Memphis Chapter of NORML . Contact her at www . jadeselevation . com .
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