The European Schools Newspaper December issue - Page 7

CHRISTMAS PAGE How we celebrate Xmas at school By Nick, Costas We decorate the classrooms, we sing Xmas carols and songs, we tell Xmas stories in class, we play puppet theatre, we put on an Xmas show for children and parents, we organize a bazaar, we give money/food/clothes to charity, we go to church, we cut vassilopita when we come back to school after Christmas. Santa’ s habits By John GOOD He eats a lot of cookies and drinks a lot of milk, goes to bed and wakes up early and he helps the elves. BAD He eats pizza and sandwiches and drinks coka cola, he watches a lot of TV and plays a lot of video games. School Survey By Vassiliki, Andrew, Micaela, Joanna, Jenny, Evi, Chrysanthi Xmas WORDSEARCH PUZZLE By Georgia, Aphrodite OUR SCHOOL SURVEY ABOUT CHRISTMAS We asked a lot of pupils in our school and here is what they answered: 1. Do you believe in Santa Claus? Yes (13) No (7) 2. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Naughty (12) Nice (102) Neither naughty nor nice (24) 3. What do you decorate at Christmas? A tree (15) A boat (2) 4. Will you travel at Christmas? Yes (19) No (5) 5. What’ s your favourite holiday destination? Athens Other destinations: Epidaurus, Bulgaria, Mt. Taygetos, Salonica, Ioannina, Ariohori, Spain, Patra 6. What present do you want from Santa?  PS3/ PS4/ PSP/PS3 San Andreas  tablet/computer/laptop  toy helicopter/train /car/a Ferrari/a Jaguar/remote control toys/racing car playset  puppy/teddy/robot/blue dragon/doll  football/ volleyball/basketball/ Messi’ s ball/basketball Tshirt/football shoes  Nerf/ Fifa Pro 15/Plexi Flexi  Magic diary/Monopoly (electronic)/Playmobil/Lego knights/Peppa Pig trolley  lots of bags with taps  DVD/CD/book with fairytales  violin/guitar/flute/mobile phone  Ninja turtles/Angry birds  chocolate maker/experiments  holidays  painter’ s tripod/watch/bike/board game/ cologne 7 M M R M X O P S Z V M T E T Q H I L I Z M G H H N P N R U I BALL TREE Y O S V K M B S A I J D P E L Q P T T Q P T P Y S G T S D B I P O E L U R A G E V A W W X T J C U K E G U U E I R E C J J I K R S T T I S J H H P P B G H I E X F R O O Y K T E C I B S N L L C I X E V O A G I A A T G R K H A O P M O V C S J T A G Q V G N X G A L M B T K H R T A L C G T D Q T O O W I K Z E B A L L S F W M S A Z C D I G E T W E J A C J Y B K B O J X Y V H J B F Y O C L H L STAR TRIANGLE STOCKING BELL PRESENT MISTLETOE Christmas Tongue Twisters by Evi  Santa’ s sleigh in the snow  Jingle bells jingling  Don’ t cut trees for Christmas trees by Ektoras