The European Schools Newspaper December issue | Page 6

By Socrates My name is Socrates. I am 11 years old. I have got two brothers and one sister. My mum is a housewife and my dad is a fireman. I am in the 5th Grade of Primary school. My favourite subject at school is maths because I like numbers. My favourite teacher’ s name is Ms Angeliki, our teacher. My favourite colour is red, my favourite food is chicken with rice and my favourite snack is chocolate ION. My fabourite football and basketball team is Olympiakos, Piraeus FC. My favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ ve got a pet. It’ s a dog. It likes eating bones but it does not like sweets. I can play the piano. I like metal tags and I hate dolls. I enjoy playing PS3 PES 2011. I never get angry and I never get bored. I am usually happy. I have got a lot of toys and friends. I live in a big house without a garden. In my neighbourhood there is a baker’ s shop. I have got a computer but I don’ t use the Internet to talk to my friends. My daily routine: I play with my toys, I play PS3, I sleep for 11 hours. I eat my food, read my lessons and do my homework and I watch TV for two hours. By Aphrodite My name is Aphrodite. I am 10 years old. I’ ve got one sister. My mum is a shop assistant and my dad is a policeman. I am in the 5 th Grade of Primary school. My favourite teacher’ s name is Miss Nancy, our English teacher. At school I also like P.E. because we do sports. Blue is my favourite colour. Olympiakos is my f