The European Schools Newspaper December issue | Page 3

THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER Issue No 1 - December 2014 A European Schools Newspaper ALL ABOUT ME by the 18th Primary School, Kalamata By Evi Hi!!!!! My name is Evi. I am 10 years old. I have got 1 brother and 1 sister. My mum is a teacher and my dad is a P.E. teacher. I am in the 5th Grade of Primary school. My favourite subject at school is geography because I learn things about different countries. My favourite teacher' s name is Sophie, my French teacher. My favourite colour is red and my favourite food is pizza. My favourite football team is Panathinaikos. My favourite hobby is singing . My best friend is Chrisanthie. I like her because we play together well. I've got a pet. It's a cat. It likes drinking milk but it doesn't like eating spaghetti. I can play the piano. I like visiting my grandparents. I hate eating bean soup. I enjoy playing with my friends. I get angry when I fight with my brother. I get bored when I play computer games. I am usually happy when I talk with my sister. I have got a lot of friends. I live in a house with a garden. In my neighbourhood there is a baker's shop, a newspaper stand and a supermarket. I've got a computer and I use the Internet to talk with friends and find information. I get up at 7 o' clock every morning. Then I go to school. I follow my teacher's advice and I don't swear. I usually eat pizza. By Joanna Hi! My name is Joanna. I' m 10 years old. I get up at 7.30 every morning. I eat my breakfast and then I watch some T.V. After that I go to school. At school we learn maths, Engish, history, geography and German. School starts at 8 o' clock and ends at 2 o' clock. 18th Primary School of Kalamata, Greece th Reporters: the students of the 5 Grade (E1, E2) Editor: Miss Nancy, English teacher 3 When I get home from school I eat lunch and do my homework. Later I go to English and Italian school. Then I play with my friends or I watch T.V.Before I go to bed I watch T.V. or I read a book. At ten o' clock I go to bed.