The European Schools Newspaper December issue | Page 2

THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER is an educational, creative and enjoyable eTwinning project! Different European Schools collaborate in an attempt to involve many European learners in the creation of a common newspaper! Each issue is thematic, so that all participants can get an idea of what is going on in their partners' side. Participant learners also have the opportunity to interact with each other via Twinspace, improving thus their speaking/typing along with their writing skills! Practicing skills simulates real-life communication in a funfilled project that aspires to help everyone realize the emergence of English as an international language and expand their horizons. Learners also have the opportunity to feel like citizens of the world, members of a vast community, outside the barriers of their local surroundings. Using English as the vehicle, this project aims at providing useful insight on their peers' daily routine, interests, customs and mentality, allowing everyone, thus, to become more tolerant with diversity. 2