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Kappa Delta Chi, Beta Chapter

Popular fundraising events throughout our undergraduate chapters include sports tournaments.

This year, KDChi's Beta Chapter at Texas A&M, held its annual “Kick The Hell Out of Cancer” Kickball Tournament for the 12th time, with great success. Despite the gloomy weather, the ladies filled the fields with energy…and people.

Thanks to Double Dave’s and Domino’s Pizza, everyone had a fun time and a great lunch. Half of the event's proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society and the other half was to be given to the winner's choice of charity. In a wonderful turn of events, the winning team, 3Peat, chose to send their winnings to KDChi’s national philanthropy. Thanks, 3Peat!

3Peat (pictured, right) has competed in the KDChi Kickball Tournament for the past two years, winning it a total of three times.




KDChi is proud to have The American Cancer Society—an organization that saves lives by helping people stay well and get well by finding cures and fighting back—as its National Philanthropy. With national initiatives such as Penguins for Prevention, Sisters across the nation work hard each semester to raise awareness and funds that will benefit the American Cancer Society.

pictured: KDChi, Beta Chapter

Photo by Kdchi Beta Chapter

Collegiate District Chairs

8Name: Mozelle Moreno

Position: District 13 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha Omicron, University of New Mexico

Name: Vanessa Carreon

Position: District 14 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School:

Name: Maggie Solis

Position: District 15 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School:

Name: Adah Sanchez

Position: District 16 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha Delta,Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Name: Darci Solano

Position: District 18 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha SIgma, Florida State University

Name: Julia Landro

Position: District 11 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Upsilon, University of Texas Arlington

Name: Krystal McClure

Position: District 9 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha Upsilon, University of North Texas

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Name: Liliana Monsivais

Position: District 3 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Phi, Stephen F. Austin State University

Name: Amanda Mellina

Position: District 4 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha Eta, University of Nevada-Reno

Name: Esmeralda Zamora

Position: District 6 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School:


Position: District 7 Chair, [email protected]

Chapter, School: