The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Winter 2015 - Page 3

KDChi Chapter:

Delta Alpha, Graduate Chapter

New Member Class:

Zeta, Spring 2014

About Gabriela:

She teaches high school Spanish at Riverside Indian School in Anadarko, OK. The student population is 100% Native American and the teaching staff is composed of mostly Native Americans. Gabriela is one of a handful of staff that are not Native American. She enjoys sharing and exchanging culture, heritage and language with her students every day.

She is also very involved in several women's Masonic organizations.

Somebody from one of these

organizations once asked her if she had ever considered joining a sorority and that was what planted the seed! After reaching out to several Latina sororities, she heard back from KDChi's Rachel Glick. Her response was warm and welcoming.

"Rachel answered all my questions (and I had a million) and she was so friendly!" Gabriela says.

She researched KDChi and read through the newsletters, the website, the Facebook pages and she says she knew she had to be part of such a dynamic and wonderful group of women.

She remembers her journey to become a new member...

"My Graduate New Member Educator was awesome!" Gabriela says. "She helped me out tremendously with everything and has kept up with me, even after the process."

Gabriela's husband recently retired from the US Army. Together, they enjoy traveling and exploring new and out-of-the-way places during their down time. This summer, they're traveling to Costa Rica! They also enjoy riding motorcycles, cooking, gardening, and just spending time together.

Tell your friends to apply

to be a KDChi!

Email: Rachel Glick

[email protected]


Happy New Year! Welcome to our newest sisters across the country. I hope that the New Year brings you each health, happiness, and an abundance of time spent with those you love.

Through out this issue you'll read about the journey to motherhood from several different perspectives. Many of you know that my wife and I have two beautiful children. What you may not know is that it took years of praying, planning, working with specialists, and emotional ups and downs to get here. I know first hand that the road to parenthood can be frustrating, difficult, and emotionally

draining. But if there is any one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it is that as a sister of

Kappa Delta Chi, you are never alone. This is one thing that sets us apart as a sisterhood.

In good times and in times of struggle there is always a sister who is willing to talk, share experiences, or just be a shoulder to cry on. This is what our newsletter is about, sharing our successes and struggles to support one another.

This is true not matter what your struggle. Whether it be transitioning to college, learning to balance your time as an active, getting your first job, adjusting to married life, supporting aging

parents, or the stress of day-to-day life, we all have things we deal with. It is important to know that you can reach out to your sisters for support.

Thank you for all you do to make this sisterhood amazing each and every day. I wish you an amazing 2016!

In sisterhood,

Melanie Rodriguez

About Melanie:

Melanie was initiated in Fall of 1996, Epsilon Class of Theta Chapter, University of Houston. She still resides in Houston, TX with her wife Cindy (Theta Chapter, Fall 1999) and their two children Arianna and Isaias. Melanie has a BA in Public Relations, an MA in Organizational Management, and an MA in Human Development. She is also in the final stages of completing a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems at Fielding Graduate University. In her professional life Melanie has worked for the past 12 years as a leadership development consultant for Chevron.

National President

Melanie Rodriguez

Letter from the President

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